Ban Oou Mosque

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Ban Oou Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Bangkok, was the first mosque registered by the Office of Islamic Affairs Committee of Bangkok Metropolis on July 29th, 1948.

Ban Oou is an old community that its name literally means the dock village. Formerly, this area was a dockyard and a timber port in the time when wood trade was still Thailand’s main economy goods. It was an international community with the majority of Muslims, both Malay and Javanese Muslims.

Ban Oou Mosque has long been the center of mind for Muslims in this community from generation to generation. It has also been the only mosque that has the names of ten companions, who were promised paradise by Nabi Muhammad, beautifully written in an Islamic style by a skillful shipwright on the wall above the window frames around the mosque. The mosque has still been keeping the community’s valuable antiques including an old daf, a frame drum aged more than 100 years which was once used for gathering people and announcing the worship times during the day.On the opposite side of the mosque is the last ancient hip roof wood house of Ban Oou which is worthy of conservation and also be the other best place to explore the histories of this Muslim community as well.


Ban Oou Mosque is the first registered mosque of Thailand. Due to its location in a commercial area, many investors have always been trying to buy the land of this mosque. Nonetheless, the mosque committee firmly reject to sell this piece of land because the right of ownership belongs to the mosque. In the midst of material advancement, one thing we have learned is that although we cannot stop those high-rise buildings, at least we can still protect our space of faith. Thus, this workpiece is composed of patterns of flowers, leaves, and vines, the identities of Islamic arts, and calligraphy of مؤمن or ‘faith’ in the center of the picture.