Charoen Krung Road

Bangkok’s first road that brought the prosperity to Thailand.

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Charoen Krung Road, as previously called Thanon-Mai or New Road, was built in 1864. With its 8,575 meters length, it has created a progressive change and brought Thailand forward to the great advancement.

Under the command of King Mongkut, Rama IV, who wanted Thailand to have a modern concrete road as in other developed countries, Charoen Krung Road was built to prevent the invasion of powerful European nations and let Thai and foreigners travel conveniently. The main transportation that was used to be in water has been changed to be on land. Since then, this road has continuously generated many businesses along both sides of the road, such as tailor shops, shoe shops, jewelry shops, or even entertainment venues like nightclubs, bars, and movie theaters up until now.

Another remarkable feature of Charoen Krung Road, the first road of Thailand, is that there are plenty of Thailand’s first historical places along this road. You can find the Consulate of Portugal, the first consulate in Thailand. Siam Commercial Bank, the first commercial bank of Thailand, has its first branch in Talad Noi area. Oriental Hotel, the first hotel since the reign of Rama V, is also located on this road, as well as many other historical attractions. It can be said that Charoen Krung Road is the first starting point which is the foundation of all Thailand’s developments.


Concept :

Shop signages in Charoen Krung area may represent different kinds of business, however, what those signages have in common are some recognizable, unique identities such as language, font, color, and material. These identities are mixed together to create a new workpiece that represents the story of Charoen Krung’s shop signages.

ARTIST : Worapoj Sripumbang