Chiao Eng Biao Shrine

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Chiao Eng Biao is a Hainanese shrine that was built for more than 150 years. The origin history of this shrine is still unclear and has been told in various versions.

People commonly believe that this shrine was built as a memorial of 108 Hainanese merchants who were killed by the Vietnamese navies while they were sailing to Hue, Vietnam. Another story also told that the ship docked to unload goods at Bang Rak port which was the last stop before traveling to the assembly point. Another version added that the ship traveled from Hainan island. However,
no matter how different these stories are, what they have in common is the part that when the ship had sailed into the Vietnamese sea boundary, Vietnamese militaries who were craving for the great fortune blamed Hainanese sailors as the pirates, cut their ears, sent those ears to the king as the tribute, and distributed all goods inside the ship among each other.

Later, after the truth was revealed, the king sent those navies and everybody who was involved in the crime to execution and praised the 108 Hainanese sailors as the holy spirits of unveiling the truth.Since then, with its location on Chao Phraya River’s bank, Chiao Eng Biao shrine has become the sacred place for sailors who will come and make a wish for a safe journey.


CONCEPT : ‘The Legend of 108’

An awakening of a story of an ancient merchant ship and 108 lives in our memorial. This is a story of all lives on a Chinese junk ship that once docked at Bang Rak port for trading before the wind hurled them to the tragedy that we never forget.

Commemorate the legendary Chinese crews whose lives untimely returned to the embrace of the ocean through a contemporary art telling an incident of 108 lives inspired by the terracotta army in the tomb of Emperor Qin I, combined with a junk ship illustration that is simplified to be more approachable for the young generation.