Chow Sue Kong (Sun Leng Yi Temple)

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Chow Sue Kong is a significant shrine of Hokkien settlers who were the first groupmoved to Talad Noi area. They together built the shrine in 1804 during the reign ofPhra Phutthayotfa Chulalok, Rama I, according to the record carved on a stone inside the shrine. This shrine has stayed with Talad Noi community for more than 200 years.

The building of Chow Sue Kong shrine adopted an artistic style of ancient Hokkien architecture. Its layout is the Four Houses Surround a Courtyard style, following the Feng Shui principle. The end of each roof ridge was made in a swallow’s tail shape which is commonly seen in Fujian province’s architecture. The building was decorated with stucco dolls, Hokkien porcelain arts, and wood carving arts and has also enshrined Chow Sue Kong God from Fujian province.

Chow Sue Kong God is well respected among Hokkien in Fujian province. The god has a face glowing with kindness and a unique deep reddish-purple body covered with a golden robe. From then until now, this shrine is still the center of mind for Hokkien in Thailand and the venue for important traditional festivals, such as Ting Krajad Festival and Vegetarian Festival, which are annually majestically celebrated and joined by a large number of devotees from all over the country.



The style and the color scheme used in this work are inspired by a picture on a wall of Chow Sue Kong Shrine that I found while I was exploring various things in the shrine’s area. Even though it isn’t an outstanding picture, after I saw it I became attached to it without any reason. I began to draw the first element from that picture, following by the rest components until it finished.

ARTIST : Namsai Supavong