Hon Wong Kung Shrine

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Hon Wong Kung Shrine is the Hakka shrine built by Laotian Chotikasatien, the ancestor of Chotikasatien family, who was entitled as Phraya Choduk Rajaseti (the Director of Left Harbor Department) taking care of
Chinese trade and working directly to the treasury of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V.

Hon Wong Kung Shrine has three notable identities including;

  1. It is the ancient shrine in Talad Noi area that still best preserves the uniqueness of the original Hakka architectural style, such as the exquisite carving arts on its roof structure.
  2. It shows an identity of an authentic Hakka shrine by having a personified deity as the chief god of the shrine. The chief god of Hon Wong Kung was the first king of the Han Dynasty. That is why the interior was decorated like a throne hall with a throne-shape altar which is the prominent feature of Hakka shrine.
  3. This historical site was once the first office of Thailand’s Waterworks Authority. Water would be pumped up to the giant tank tower and purified by alum before distributed to people in this community. The place where this water tank was has currently located the hexagonal Chedi on the river bank.


CONCEPT : Hon Wong Kung Shrine

Since the shrine has a very long history, this artwork uses Chinese propaganda images, only the ones with a festive atmosphere are selected, as the main material to present the story of the quality of life of people in social, art, and cultural aspects.

When the artwork is placed in the actual location with the background of Chao Phraya River, it can lead to various special implications related to the environment in the present ​time.