Horse Carriage

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If you have a chance to visit ancient Chino-Portuguese houses that still left in Charoen Krung area, you may find that some of the houses have a stable court in the back of the house. This is because, in the past, those Westerners living in these houses had to travel on Charoen Krung Road with horse carriages.

One of the main reasons that King Mongkut, Rama IV, ordered to build Charoen Krung Road, apart from connecting ports and city area to encourage trade and economy during that time, was to have a long road for a horse carriage city tour upon the request from consuls and expats in Bangkok.

From the starting point of being a road for foreigner’s horse carriage, Charoen Krung Road has been developed to be the most important economic road in Thailand’s history, with various stories and uniqueness overlaid on footsteps of horses that were once trotting along this road.



Bangkok’s horse-carriage city tour in the old days is represented through the matching of a European horse carriage with Thai traditional costume.