So Heng Tai

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So Heng Tai house was built in the early Rattanakosin era by Phra Apaya Wanich (Chao Sua Jad), the former bird nest tax officer. He built this mansion to be his residence while he was taking control of the Poseng port, the important junk port for China’s trade. Then after Poseng port became the landed port of Chinese immigrants, So Heng Tai had become the first shelter for Chinese immigrants before they moved to other area to build their own fortune. Many of them later became the important figures and millionaires of Thailand.

The layout of So Heng Tai is the Four Houses Surround a Courtyard, the Hakka traditional architectural style. The building in the center or the main house is the residence of the house owner. The left and the right buildings are the residences for their offspring, separating male and female in each building. The upper part of the building was built from golden teak using Hokkien wood joining technique and decorated with Hokkien carving arts. There are combinations with Thai architectural styles such as the leaving space under the house. The terrace on the second floor of the main house is also the Thai style leveled terrace. The front area of So Heng Tai is a room for the housekeeper who had to open the door for everyone since the door can be opened only from the inside.

The mansion is currently under the care of Pusak Posayachinda, the 8th Heir of Phra Apaya Wanich, who has an intention to preserve this mansion as one of the historical evidence of the community. Meanwhile, he also renovated the center courtyard to be a diving school amidst the elegant atmosphere of these ancient buildings.


CONCEPT : So Heng Tai

This collage art of the ships is talking about trades and business negotiations in the old days, which mostly were maritime trades. Inside these ships, people are travelling, trading, working, and living their life. Nowadays, this house has also been renovated to be a diving school.