Talad Noi

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Talad Noi and Bang Rak areas locate the important ports of Bangkok in the past. These areas became the community of foreigners who did business in Thailand, such as Westerners, Indonesian, Malaysian, and one of the most important groups of people, Chinese.

Talad Noi community had many Chinese ethnics including Hokkien, Hakka, Teochew, Hainanese, and Cantonese. These Chinese people had different expertises in different kinds of work depend on their origin in the motherland. Hokkien was very skillful in trade and sailing. Cantonese was notable for their cuisine. Hakka was well-known for their metalware and leatherwork. Hainanese was good at culinary skill and shipping. Teochew was experienced in farming. After arriving in Thailand, those Chinese started businesses from their proficiencies.

Through time, these businesses have become the outstanding identity of Charoen Krung Road, showing the diverse lifestyles of Thai and Chinese that melted together in unity.



One of the traditional occupations in Talad Noi community is the blacksmith. The machine parts scattered around Talad Noi area caught my attention because the blacksmiths can turn those scraps into usable spare parts. I draw a scene of a machine shop in my version with many props related to Chinese lifestyles such as the hexagon mirror, incense pot, and red lanterns. I use the gradient color technique in the picture to show the glossy texture of the metal and the vibrant colors to create a fun, modern look.

ARTIST : Banana Blah Blah