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In the past, tram transportation could be used as an indicator of civilization of a city. Bangkok, the first city in Asia that had tramway, firstly started its tram service in around 1887 under the command of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, who had foreseen the importance of Charoen Krung Road as the connection between ports and the developed city area. The King granted a concession to Mr.John Loftas, a Danish entrepreneur, to build and operate Bangkok’s first tram service.

In the beginning, the tram route started from Thanon Tok and went along Charoen Krung Road to the Royal Palace. Initially, the tram was hauled by horses. Then after it changed hands to the new operator, the tram route was expanded, and the horses were replaced with the electric driving. However, Thailand ended its 81 years of tram service in 1968 and replaced it with a city bus service instead.


What is as difficult to find as a tram is a tram ticket. I, therefore, want to record them here together.

ARTIST : Pakpoom Lamoonpan